Welcome to 2012 YEA Day!

artwork from the YEA! Festival in Evanston IllinoisYEA DAY 2012 is scheduled for May 19 from 10am to 4pm. The Young Evanston Artists Foundation (YEA!) is a private, tax deductible foundation under IRS tax code 501(c)(3) and supported entirely by individuals, families and businesses.

YEA! inspires and influences arts programs throughout the year. Children and teachers prepare and save artwork from the beginning of the school year, and view YEA! as the culminating event where children can exhibit and perform  their art. Aside from the direct benefits to the Evanston community, YEA! is a formative influence on our children’s self-esteem, imagination and creativity.


♦  YEA! is non-competitive and non-commercial

  • No child’s art is judged “better” than any other child’s art
  • No art is for sale

♦  40 + public, private and parochial schools participate

  • 6000 pre-school thru 12th grade students are involved at some level
  • 1000 children display their visual art on YEA! Day
  • 400 children perform on stage
  • Each child receives a certificate of recognition signed by the Mayor of Evanston, Elizabeth Tisdahl, and their fine arts or performing arts teacher.

Many make YEA! Day happen:

  • 100’s of faithful Volunteers
  • Art Teachers from participating schools
  • PTA’s from participating schools
  • Principals from participating schools
  • The Evanston Business community
  • The City of Evanston
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • Parents, grandparents and friends
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