For one day in May, Raymond Park transforms into the best gallery you can imagine, one that showcases art and performances of aspiring Young Evanston Artists. With schools throughout the city participating and kids from every neighborhood showing their work, YEA! is a quintessential Evanston event and a true celebration of artistic expression. It highlights the creative talents of our youngest artists, and reminds us of just how fortunate we are to live in a community that values artists of all ages. 



Creativity Classrooms, onsite maker spaces featuring hands-on workshops taught by local artists. These workshops will allow kids and families from all over Evanston to not only look at each others' masterpieces, but share in a creative process together. YEA! has always been Evanston's premiere venue for viewing kids' artwork - now it will be a hot spot for making art, too!  



YEA! strives to reflect the diversity of the City of Evanston and is committed to celebrating it via the arts. Community initiatives like YEA! teach the value of art in boosting confidence and preparing youth to thrive in a variety of endeavors. YEA! is steadfast in the belief that we are only fulfilling our mission as long as the event is both accessible to all and and inclusive for every participant and family. From public and private, pre-school to high school, YEA!  welcomes all students from all schools, as well as Evanston residents of all ages, to engage in a day focused on the arts and the power of arts in community building. 




In the end, YEA! is just as much a community celebration of our art teachers as it is a presentation of the art created in their classrooms. From the beginning, YEA! has valued teacher input and these dedicated educators are the lifeblood of the effort. They thoughtfully curate the collections that are displayed throughout the park and personally invite their school families to attend. It takes a village to make YEA! happen and it couldn't be done without our amazing teacher partners.