Where your donation goes?


Young Evanston Artist Foundation strives to utilize our funds in the best way possible to impact our community for this festival. We appreciate each and every individual, sponsor, donor & PTA who have contributed to YEA! 2018. 

 A huge percentage of all donations, sponsorships and grants are used for the day of the event. The cost of rentals, sanitation, security, teachers gifts, city permits, labour for installation and removal of panels and our event coordinator are part of the expenses for the day.

We have cut down our budget since there is longer a  need to hire a web designer or accountant, since we have our amazing board members taking on these responsibilities. There are fees to file with the state that must be paid for yearly, and insurance to cover the event. 

The new board is very dedicated to YEA! and every board member has  contributed financially to YEA!  and take time to volunteer out of our busy work schedules to have successful & fun event!