**Look for updates as we get closer to YEA! 2020!**

What do I need to bring with besides my student art work?

YEA will supply the tables, chairs and display panels you have requested. Outside of that we suggest you consider bringing the following:

  • Tape (masking, duct, scotch)

  • Rope, clothespins or clamps if you plan on hanging anything

  • Stapler, staples, remover

  • Table covers

  • Any personal creature comforts to make your day more enjoyable - sunscreen, hat, etc.

When and where do I load in?

  • Plan to arrive between 8AM - 9AM. As you know, families will start to arrive as early as 8:30AM. Plan accordingly. Please check the load in map to determine which zone you should drop in- Zone A, B, or C.

  • Volunteers will be available to help unload and deliver materials to your site.

  • Raymond Park Load In is dependant upon your site location within the park. Please see attached map to determine and find your Drop Zone.

  • Please label your items to be dropped off with your school name

  • Do not leave your car unattended at any time. Once unloaded, please move your vehicle immediately to make space for others

 Where should I park?

  • You will be responsible for finding your own street parking. There will be plenty of neighborhood parking available at that time of day. Please note: no parking is allowed in the First Presbyterian Church parking lot. Violators will be towed.


Will I have any support from YEA during the day?

  • Coffee and donuts will be available at the ‘Teachers Lounge’ tent near the corner of Lake and Chicago (see map) in the morning and will have water and snacks throughout the day.

  • YEA volunteers will be circulating and checking in with each site, for bathroom breaks, snack runs, etc. Please don’t hesitate to ask for something if you need it.

  • Pre-ordered lunches for teachers will be delivered to your site starting at 12PM.


Can I sell my work/my student work at the YEA Festival?

  • No, the YEA Festival strictly forbids sales at the event.

When/how do I load out?

  • Tear down/load out begins no earlier than 3PM.

  • Please remove all staples, nails, and/or screws from the display boards and the ground.

  • Volunteers will be available to assist loading your vehicles - please use the load in/out zone that you used at the start of the day.

  • Dispose of all trash...leave no trace!

  • Any artwork left behind will be disposed of.

What happens if I have an emergency?

  • Lost children should be brought to one of the four corners of the part to an info booth. YEA staff will be at these booths and on radio and able to connect with the Evanston Police Department who will have a presence at YEA.

  • Minor injuries (scrapes, non-threatening cuts etc.) can be treated by a Registered Nurse at the ‘Nurse’s Office’ tent located on the path closest to Lake and Hinman (see map).

  • For serious injuries please dial 911.

  • Evacuation- if inclement weather becomes threatening the YEA producers will call for a park evacuation. Those in the part will exit at one of the four corners and make way to shelter. There is a public parking garage at Sherman and Grove.

What if it rains?

  • The YEA Festival will relocate to the ETHS Fieldhouse in the case of bad weather.

  • Festival organizers will decide on Thursday evening before YEA if a rain plan will go in effect, and will notify participants by email on the Friday before YEA.